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Construction In Atlanta: Experienced Commercial Contractors

At KC Construction of Georgia Inc., our Atlanta construction services offer you a wide range of Commercial Construction solutions. We're a professional general contractor providing a variety of services to businesses throughout our service areas.

With a focus on the details, we pride ourselves on the high-quality craftsmanship that you expect from experts. Our family-owned company is committed to offering you the best options for your unique construction needs. Since 1986, we've been in the remodeling industry and have all the experience we need to ensure that your commercial project is in the best of hands!

Interior build outs

Interior Build-Outs

At KC Construction of Georgia Inc., we provide Interior Build-outs for all commercial property types no matter the kind of business you plan to use the space for. We can help you transform your commercial property's interior into a comfortable and welcoming space while functional to your business goals.

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Retail build outs

Retail Build-Outs

If you are a retail property owner and need build-out services to customize your space, our crew of commercial contractors can help. Whether you need renovations or remodeling to simply add shelving units and display cases or need your entire building customized, we can help you transform your space with your looking for expertise.

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An essential part of the construction is drywall installation, and it takes skilled artisans since every flaw or mistake stands out. You need professionals with the talent and experience to provide you with flawless drywall services.

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KC Construction of Georgia Inc. offers a variety of commercial construction and remodeling services, including demolition work. We'll take care of all the demolishing for your project, whether you are tearing down an old building to start fresh or need the interior gutted for a complete commercial remodeling project.

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A solid frame and sturdy foundation are necessary for any construction project. Whether you need framing for remodeling, renovations, or ground-up new construction, our framing services are available for your commercial building needs.

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Design build

Design & Build

As an established and reputable Atlanta remodeling contractor with over 30 years of experience in the industry, we're the Atlanta design & build expert you can rely on for a full range of services. We'll take your commercial project from design to construction to completion with the highest quality results.

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General construction

General Construction

As general contractors who specialize in commercial building, KC Construction of Georgia Inc. offers general construction and management services to help our business clients meet their construction projects' goals without worrying about hiring subcontractors to fill each job. We can coordinate and handle all aspects of your commercial building projects, whether it's remodeling, ground-up construction, or renovations.

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Construction management

Construction Management

When you're looking for contractors who can provide you with Construction Management, you'll need a company that can be responsible for the overall planning, coordination, and control of a project from beginning to end. We provide full service, which includes managing your construction project and managing our construction teams.

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Commercial Renovations / Remodeling

Commercial remodeling and renovation are our specialty. Let us help you transform your commercial building's interior into a professional setting that matches your business image.

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Commercial build out

Complete Commercial Build-Outs

Expanding upon an existing commercial property doesn't have to be overwhelming. Contact our team of qualified and verified experts, and you'll be in capable hands.

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Pre construction

Pre-Construction Services

At KC Construction of Georgia Inc., we offer a variety of pre-construction services for our commercial clients, including planning, demolition, site survey, design assistance, and much more. With decades of experience in the industry, our company is the one to trust for top quality results and comprehensive pre-construction guidance.

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New construction

Ground-Up Construction

You want your commercial construction projects to go smoothly, and so do we. Building from the ground up requires professional commercial construction contractors to handle the project with skill and precision.

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Move walls

Move Walls

Whether you are changing the layout of your store or need to redesign the office for improved flow, our commercial remodeling contractors are here to help you move walls to customize your building's interior. Our professionals can safely and efficiently remodel your business space.

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Commercial tenant biuld out

Tenant Build-Outs

We provide tenant build-outs, updates, and repair needs for your commercial rental properties in the Atlanta area. We offer services as basic as new paint or as complex as moving walls, installing partitions, and custom lighting.

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Acoustic ceiling

Acoustic & Drywall Suspended Ceilings

If your project calls for acoustic ceilings for soundproofing or drywall suspended ceilings, you can rely on the experts at KC Construction of Georgia Inc. for high-quality results. Our commercial remodeling contractors can take care of the ceiling needs of your business.

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Shopping center remodel

Shopping Center Exterior Remodel / Renovation

Your commercial property's exterior represents you as an owner and gives potential customers a first impression that you want to ensure is attractive, professional, and welcoming. Our exterior remodel and renovation services will take your commercial property to the next level.

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If your commercial remodeling project involves carpentry work, our carpenters can take care of it with a superior outcome. From custom woodwork to perfecting molding and trim, we do it all to historic commercial building renovations.

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Site survey

Site Survey

Site survey and property inspections are the keys to a successfully planned commercial construction project. We can take care of your site survey needs so the project can move on to construction with a clearly defined plan that meets your goals.

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Commercial eletrical

Commercial Electrical Services

Job safety and customer satisfaction are the two primary concerns regarding the commercial electrical services we offer. Call us now and find out more about what we can do for you as the premier resource for construction in Atlanta.

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